Wiggins Settlement Agreement

Fontana Redevelopment Agency v. Interested parties, Orange County Superior Court (2003); 153 Cal.App.4th 902 (4th Dist., 2007). Appeal the Court`s decision in the case of a validation measure challenging the Agency`s attempt to validate a bond issue because it exceeded the Agency`s debt ceiling and because the Agency failed to meet its affordable housing obligations; The measures also called into question the agency`s attempt to validate a deal with the state that would have revealed an audit in which the agency embezzled about $60 million in low- and middle-income housing funds for affordable housing. The closure of the park and subsequent evictions violated the state`s RV park laws, the city`s residential element, and the state`s redevelopment and resettlement assistance laws. The parties agreed to a settlement for the construction of at least 90 affordable housing units and a review procedure for all activities of the redevelopment agency. (Co-counsel with Public Counsel, O`Melveny & Myers, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher.) Lagunas v. Stockton Redevelopment Agency, U.S. Dist. Court, E.D. (1998).

Action questioned stockton`s “gateway” redevelopment project, which involved demolishing four single-occupancy hotels and moving residents to make way for a McDonald`s and gas station. The measures were resolved by an agreement that required the adoption of alternative housing plans and resettlement assistance for residents to be displaced. .