Volunteer Agreements Good Practice

Voluntary organisations/charities sometimes choose to thank volunteers by donating vouchers or a bottle of wine at the end of their volunteering. If such objects are modest – in fact only a token – then there should be no problem. However, if vouchers or other gifts are regularly given or if the value is significant, it could harm the volunteer relationship. If a volunteer receives a benefit that goes beyond what would be deemed appropriate for a true volunteer, this could be evidence of the organization of a complaint regarding the non-payment of the NMW. The effects of non-payment of the NMW, where it is due, can be serious. Organizations may be required to pay additional payments of several years, plus penalties. Voluntary conventions should be subject to regular review as part of a monitoring procedure for volunteers. The agreement should have clearly stated the title of the volunteer role at the beginning and outlined the policies, procedures and obligations that the volunteer is likely to comply with. .