Ucl Transformative Agreements

In order for papers funded by the UK Research Councils (UKRI) and the Wellcome Trust to be published under the UCL Open Access Transformative Agreements, authors funded by the UK Research Councils or the Wellcome Trust are encouraged, where appropriate, to act as the corresponding author of a paper. In recent weeks, we have written about UCL`s transformation agreements and featured more researchers. These agreements give UCL corresponding authors the opportunity to publish open access in subscription journals. They meet the requirements of the new Wellcome Open Access Policy, which applies to research papers that will be submitted from 1 January 2021, and we expect that they will also meet the UK Research Councils/UKRI`s new Open Access Policy, which will be announced next year. We used Scopus and Web of Science to establish a list of journals in current agreements with different granularities. The list below presents broad categories of Scopus, narrower categories of science and scopus and finally very specific categories of Scopus. In the same file, we inserted a separate list of detailed Scopus categories that could help interpret the main list. We have had many positive reactions to these transformation agreements, as well as questions about journals that are not currently covered (see section above). One of the things we should do is provide information about the topics that each magazine covers. We have put together a list of magazines in our transformation agreements (more than 5,000!) by theme.

These include Modern Law Review, British Educational Research Journal, Annals of Neurology, Geo: Geography and Environment and Human Brain Mapping (published by Wiley); Sex & Society (Sage); Attention, perception and psychophysics, climate change and the European Journal of Nutrition (Springer); Physics in Medicine and Biology (Institute of Physics); Journal of Materials Chemistry A, B and C (Royal Society of Chemistry); Art & Perception and Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religion (Brill). Jisc, which negotiates our subscriptions, has some complex criteria for transformation agreements. Publishers must offer 100% open access publishing in the UK, which is affordable, sustainable and transparent. Large commercial publishers as well as publishers of companies like the Microbiology Society and electrochemical Society have all the agreements….