Technical Collaboration Agreement India

b. A undertakes to keep complete account records of the products covered by this Agreement which, during normal business hours, shall be open for consultation with its representative responsible for both Parties to verify payments due under this Agreement. All payments due from A to B under the agreement are.. on account B in each bank. a. taking into account the agreement of B, A has disclosed the latest method of manufacture of products and other processes and has agreed to provide technical advice and the date, A, B commits an amount of ………… which are due and payable in instalments as follows. ACCORDINGLY, the Parties concluded this Agreement on that date. Note: This is only the part of the agreement. To have it carried out entirely by legal experts, please contact Aapka Consultant`s team of experts by clicking here a.

Produced semi-annual/annual reports on or before the last day of……… after each calendar year for which royalties are to be paid under this Agreement, indicating the amount of the PRODUCT produced in the Annex in the previous year, the amount of royalties due and payable. At the time of submission of such notifications, A shall pay to B the amount of the fee indicated therein, which shall be due and payable. b. However, it is free to sublicense, under the agreement, technical know-how, product design/technical design to another party/Indian party if this proves necessary. However, the terms of such a sub-licence are mutually agreed by all parties concerned, including B, and are subject to the agreement of the Government. 3. Subject to other provisions of this Agreement, B A.b. Subject to the agreement of the GOI, this Agreement may be extended by mutual agreement, in whole or in part, for a further period. c. the compulsory or voluntary liquidation of that other party, except in the context of a merger, reconstruction, merger, consolidation, reorganisation or transfer of assets as a continuation undertaking, carried out voluntarily and with a view to the continuation of the business by the transferee, provided, however, that, in that case, the business unit which continues the activity previously carried on by that other party; in an appropriate instrument to be handed over to the other Party to this Agreement, undertake to fulfil all obligations of that other Party under this Agreement. 1.

Know-how means and encompasses all inventions, processes, patents, engineering and manufacturing capabilities and other technical information, patentable or not, currently owned by B or likely to be held, during the term of this Agreement, including, but not not limited to: .