Class Agreement Ideas

I hope this and future contribution in this series will give you lessons and ideas that are easy to implement today in your classroom. I hope you`ll see the benefits of how your students interact, deal with the ups and downs of their day, and make decisions in the classroom and playground. In addition, you will see the many small bodies in your classroom become full, peaceful, friendly and strong bodies. Hi, Cindi. It`s because of you and what your beliefs have to do with behavioral management. I prefer to use positive strategies rather than punitive ones. I would discuss with them, check the expectations and establish together an improvement plan. We also have weekly class meetings to check expectations and what works and what doesn`t. These kinds of meetings help us tremendously. I hope it helps. Establishing a school classroom contract and setting expectations in the classroom doesn`t happen overnight. It doesn`t even happen in a lesson! The most successful class contracts I have experienced have been made by students in the upper classes four or more learning (or lessons) to create.

I start by asking them to imagine what a “big” classroom looks like (what they see when they look around in their classroom and in the children`s homes). When students raise their hands and exchange ideas, I add those ideas to the anchor diagram. If I feel like an important idea hasn`t been mentioned, I can give hints or ask questions until someone talks about it. Link your class contract to your class allocation system and reward your students for fulfilling their commitment to the class contract. Thank you very much for this contribution! I want to do something like that with my new class for this year, but I didn`t know where to start! It`s so useful, and I love these task cards, I`ll definitely use them together during our first week 🙂 I imagine that a student in a classroom with no clear expectations from teachers would work a bit like without coaching or job description. It`s great! I love the way you talk about each part. Is the class contract your rules? Or do you have anything else to do with the rules? Or is the class contract the expectations that students must meet? If you`ve reduced your expectations in the classroom to a number that works for you and your class, you`re here! Okay – all the way….