Sales Volume For Rebate Agreement Is Not Current

Partial count: We must indicate here the type of proof “R3” to establish partial billing requirements when the payment enters the discount agreement. I work at ECC6.0 and my type of customer discount. – we have a discount agreement in effect for a certain per iod (z.B 2002) – each invoice becomes a value (z.B. V1) both in FI and in t-SIS (available via MCTA for standard structures or via MCSI for personal information structure) – our general agreement consists of many individual agreements (conditions). – we modified (say in March) one of the conditio… In SAP, discounts are made from the discount processing component of the billing application. Here, you can offer discounts based on sales volume and performance. Performance discounts are manually anticipated, while sales-based discounts can be manually made or configured for automatic delimitation by SAP. The count can be made by cheque or credit to the debtor.

You can also process partial or complete accounts in accordance with a discount agreement. Partial invoices can be processed manually or automated to be executed periodically. More information about discount processing in SAP can be found in the help documents on the SAP help portal. Discounts are not paid until after the validity period of the rebate contract has expired. Thus, the system tracks all billing documents (bills, credits and invoices) that are relevant to the processing of discounts in SAP SD. The system automatically reserves demarcations. By creating limits, you`ll get an overview of the cumulative value of the discount. The partial counting of a discount agreement takes into account all partial payments. The amount of payments may be limited to the amount that would be paid if the final settlement were being implemented, adjusting to the cumulative limits of the condition registration.

Manual Control Type In the ManAccrls Command Type field, you set the standard command type for all manual limits, z.B. limits for power sheds or limits for retroactive discounts. When you process manual delimitation for a discount agreement, SAP uses this type of sales document to create the credit requirement for manual definition of discounts. Note: If it is a customer discount, the condition rate is maintained for the payer. Audit Levels This field controls the detail to be displayed in the report when you review discount bills for a discount contract. You can, for example. B display each document separately or display sums of money using pool criteria such as sales participants, payers, materials, etc. A discount agreement stores discount data and controls the entire processing of discounts. Price rates for processing rebates are also stored in the discount agreement. You can create a discount contract for a particular customer using the SAP menu – Logistics – Distribution and Distribution – Basic Data – Agreements – Discount Agreement – Creation (VBO1). In the first screen that appears, you indicate the type of discount agreement and the organization data for which you want to establish an ebate agreement.