General Security Agreement Bc

validity, perfection, the effect of perfection or imperfection and the priority of the interest of security are governed by the law of the other jurisdiction. (b) when the leaseee has issued a negotiable ownership document on the goods, the development of a security interest in the negotiable ownership document; 3) A prior security interest in the form of a floating cargo, even crystallized under which a prefabricated house defined by the Works Act is a guarantee, is considered registered and completed in accordance with this law, and the perfect status of interest expires 3 years from 1 October. , 1990, but under this Act, he may be prosecuted by registration under this Act, if the security interest could have been supplemented by registration, if he had been joined after that date. (2) Subject to the provisions of paragraph 3 and sections 36 to 38, in the event of a delay in a security agreement (2) A prior security interest which, just prior to entry into force, constitutes an irreproachable security interest under existing legislation, but is not of interest to safety under the legislation in force under this Act. , is continued until the start of the effective date. 7. Despite section 6 and subsection 2 of this section, validity: perfection, the effect of perfection or imperfection, and the priority of a safety interest in minerals or hydrocarbons or an account resulting from the sale of minerals to the head of mine or hydrocarbons at the head of drilling , but where the insured party imposes a security interest against both security and revenue, the security and product guaranteed by the retention of the guarantee on the market value of the security at market value are The trading date is limited. (b) the debtor has, against the insured party, the rights and remedies provided for in the security agreement, the rights and remedies provided for by another statute or other rule of law in accordance with this Act, as well as the rights and remedies provided for in this party and section 17 or 17.1. “pre-financing”: payment of money, provision of credits or granting value, and any liability of the debtor for the payment of interest, credit or other fees or fees that the debtor must pay in connection with an advance or the execution of a security interest ensuring an advance; 10 (1) Subject to the provisions of Section 2 and Section 12.1, a security interest applies only to third parties if the two most common forms of security agreements developed for consumer transactions have historically been referred to as “cat mortgage contracts” and “conditional sales contracts.” Chatl`s mortgages are typically guarantees that a lender takes, while sellers extend loans and obtain collateral through conditional sales contracts. (b) the occurrence of an event or a series of circumstances leading to the enforceable guarantee in accordance with the provisions of the security agreement; 4.

Unless otherwise stated in subsections 5 and 6 of this section, the competing security interests of the insured parties, each of which is controlled in accordance with Section 1 (1.1), are prioritized during the period of (g) a declaration that the guarantee, if not repaid or if authorized, the security agreement is reinstated. , and (a) if the security is consumer goods, the debtor has not impaired the debtor`s ability to protect his shares in the assets by withdrawing or re-establishing the security contract or by any other means, or 16, where a security agreement provides that an insured party can expedite the debtor`s payment or benefit when the insured party is unsafe or decides that the guarantee is in danger or decides that the guarantee is in danger is in danger or decides that the guarantee is in danger, the provision must be interpreted in such a way that the insured party has the right to expedite the payment or benefit only if the insured party is of good faith opinion and has economically reasonable reason to believe that the prospect of payment or benefit is compromised or that security