Caravan Park Licence Agreement

It is important that you understand and agree on how long your caravan can stay in the square. Will an annual license be long enough? A short-term licence gives the owner little security, and when it comes to a renewal, the park owner can offer to renew it on less favourable terms. If the park owner wants you to replace your caravan with a newer one, when will it happen? You should ask and note: Do I need a building permit to install a motorhome house on private land? If a park owner does not have a written contract with their customers, it can be difficult to protect their business in the event of a dispute. If a park owner is unable to provide evidence of the agreed oral conditions, it is likely that a court would rule against them and may decide that the client has protection through some form of lease and not the rights contemplated under a licence. This could cause difficulties for a park owner if they require a customer to pay the parking fee in the future or to remove them from the park if they violate the terms of the unwritten contract. Do I have to pay the municipal tax for my caravan holiday home? Frequently asked about caravan and lodging holiday homes as associate members of the BH-HPA, Wilkin Chapman has a wealth of experience in the caravan industry council and holiday park owner. We can help you if you plan to buy or sell a vacation park, advise you on all elements of the sale and purchase, including features, employment issues, licensing and contracts, and the transfer of the business. In addition, we help you review your existing contractual documents and advise you in the event of disputes between park owners and parking owners in order to remove troublesome customers from your fleet. How much does it cost to own a motorhome house? For more advice on an agreement, please contact a consumer advisory organization or seek advice. There is a list of useful contacts below. Can I rent my holiday home if I`m not there? If you wish to buy or sell a holiday park, it says that parking license agreements cannot be transferred.

You are personally for the parties to the license. This means that after the sale of a holiday park, all existing licenses will be automatically terminated. In these circumstances, new park owners should contact the owners of the parking space to accept new licensing agreements.