Amazon Fulfillment Services Agreement

If an Amazon seller has a problem, the last thing a suspended Amazon seller wants is to expand their litigation. Suspended Amazon sellers want to return to the sale. In the end, the agreement does not matter in most cases because the two agreements are unilateral, both agreements provide for an arbitration procedure and both will likely fail if they are sufficiently challenged. F-3.4 If you ship units from outside the chosen country to fulfillment centers, you will identify yourself as an importer/destination and designate a customs broker. If Amazon is listed in the import documents, Amazon reserves the right to refuse to accept units covered by the import documents and any fees assessed or incurred by amazon will be removed from your bank account, deducted from the amounts to be paid to them, or otherwise in our choice. “Service” refers to each of the following services: sales on Amazon, Fulfillment by Amazon Advertising (including Amazon Sponsored Products), partner APIs and, if the country chosen for a service is the United States, Transactions Processing Services, in all cases with all related services and materials we provide. This section was originally about controlling Amazon`s websites, but was recently modified for Amazon`s website and services. So we think some sellers will have problems, because this part of the document is a little too vague and interpretable. It could be very misunderstood. What Amazon is asking for is not really clear.

It almost seems that Amazon gives sellers more control over the offer. The way it`s formulated is that Amazon assumes they`ll give more control to sellers, but it also seems they`ll be able to delete and suspend any access. They put it in much the way that they say they will not take away access or privileges, but they have the right to do so. This could in any case cause problems for amz sellers. “Your distribution channels” refers to all distribution channels and other means by which you or one of your affiliates offers products or services with other physical activities. S-3.2 A-to-z Warranty and back-booking. When we inform you that we have received or opened a claim as part of the “A to Z” guarantee offered on a particular Amazon website or other dispute related to the offer, sale or execution of your products (except a back-booking) relating to one of your transactions, you have 30 days to appeal our law decision. If we discover that a claim, re-registration or registration in dispute is your responsibility, you (a) will not be against the customer, and (b) are responsible for paying us this Contract in accordance with the Service section for the amount paid by the Customer (taxes and shipping and processing fees, but no transfer fees that we withheld pursuant to Section S-4), as well as any other expenses and expenses related to the original transaction (such as credit card, bank, payment, referral or penalties) and all related refunds or refunds until we pay.