Agreement Establishing The Multilateral Investment Fund

(iv) the gold and dollar that the Bank received as a result of capital, interest and other charges on gold and dollar loans covered by I below; currencies that have been paid in the form of equity, interest and other payments, currency loans covered by points ((ii) and (iii) in this paragraph; and currencies received in payment of commissions and commissions for all guarantees provided by the bank; and (iv) all proceeds from loans under the above funds or guarantees to which the commitment under Section 4 (a) (ii) of this article applies. At the end of 2004, net authorities reached $924 million in 667 projects. Including matching funds from their partners, CMI projects have invested nearly $1.8 billion across the region. Payments to cover the responsibility for the inclusion of funds in the Fund`s resources are billed: the third arbitrator is entitled to settle all procedural issues in all cases if the parties do not agree on these resources. In the event of a disagreement between the Bank and a country that is no longer a member, or between the Bank and a member as a result of a decision to cease the bank`s activities, this disagreement is referred to an arbitration tribunal of three arbitrators. One arbitrator is appointed by the bank, the other by the country concerned and the third, unless the parties agree otherwise, by the Secretary General of the Organization of American States. If all efforts to reach a unanimous agreement fail, decisions will be taken by a majority of the three arbitrators. (ii) any borrowing credit to which the Article II commitment, Section 4 sub (a) (ii) is not applicable, i.e. the resources that are devoted specifically to the Fund`s resources; c) The bank and the country that is no longer a member may agree to the purchase of the share capital on terms deemed appropriate in the current circumstances, without taking into account the following provisions. This agreement may include, among other things, a final settlement of all of the country`s commitments to the Bank. (i) promoting the investment of public and private capital for development purposes; The Inter-American Development Bank Group (IDBG) is the leading source of multilateral funding for regional economic and social development programs and projects in the LAC region.

It provides loans, grants, guarantees, political advice and technical assistance to the public and private sectors of its borrowing countries. The IDBG includes the Inter-American Development Bank, the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), a separate international public organization dedicated to the development of Latin America and the Caribbean by the private sector and the Multilateral Investment Fund (IJC). (c) At the time of the acceptance or ratification instrument on its behalf, each country transmits to the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States, for the purpose of covering the Bank`s administrative costs, gold or U.S. dollars, representing one-tenth of the purchase price of the bank`s banks and their share in the Fund.