Advertising Agreement Form

7.8 The advertiser promises not to include controversial vulgarity, offence or advertising of the company. 1. AGENCY: Subject to the terms of this contract, the company appoints the agent as the exclusive agent for the following purposes: WHEREAS: The company wants to induce the advertiser to provide promotional services under the terms stipulated in this contract and the advertiser wishes to be instructed by the Company to make this advertisement available under these conditions. 2.1 Company information, for example. B a summary and its location. This agreement was concluded on the date of , 20- 8. RENEWED: This agreement is automatically renewed in one (1) year, unless one party gives the other party sixty (60) days in writing before the expiry of one (1) term of the contract with which it does not wish to renew it. 7. TERME: This agreement is renewable for one year from the date of this agreement. 8.1 The advertiser is required to assure the company that no classified information or material belonging to the company is disclosed to third parties, including all information obtained for appropriate advertising purposes, such as.B. Information on the means of advertising and instructions given in this agreement. 3.4.2 All information on the ad calculation methods used, such as PPC or APP strategies, as well as information on target groups, such as Z.B. Domains, Demography after JC and allocated budgets.

3.3 No advertising should be made before the company`s formal agreement. 7.4 In the event that the advertiser is responsible for maintaining, monitoring or controlling the advertising budget, the advertiser promises to use the budget amount solely for the purpose of advertising and not to use that budget for other purposes, and is also required to repay the remaining amount after the end of the agreement. 1.14 The title names in this advertising agreement are listed only as a reference and are not an integral part of this advertising agreement. 14. ATTORNEY FEES: In the event that the agreements become the subject of disputes between the parties, the parties agree that the dominant party is entitled to an increase in the other party`s legal fees, fees and legal interest. 7.2 Both parties guarantee that they know nothing in their proper control that will or risk impairing their ability to meet their respective obligations under this advertising agreement. CONSIDERING: The advertiser provides advertising services in the area above. This document would ideally be used by a company or a single publishing house that seeks a global agreement for its advertisers. This document contains a table that allows all kinds of advertisements to be included in all types of price points and execution data. In other words, it is fully customizable for exactly what is needed. 8.3 The publisher undertakes not to disclose confidential information unless it has previously consented or requested by a competent court to do so in writing, unless such information is so far available to the public by other means.