Kurds Agreement With Syrian Army

“How can you recommend sitting around a table with terrorists?” he asked. BEIRUT / AMMAN (Reuters) – The Syrian army is deployed along the border with Turkey as part of an agreement with the Kurdish government in northern Syria to push back a Turkish offensive, as announced by the Kurdish government on Sunday. On 30 July, a Syrian Kurdish MP and head of the “Syrian Kurdish National Kurdish Initiative” in Damascus, Omar Ose, asked the NES/SDF to start full negotiations (unlike “talks”) with the Syrian government. He added that the two sides had managed to agree on 6 of the 10 key issues raised at the previous two roundtables. [67] [68] Damascus has much to gain from the deal with the Kurds, but its ability to stop pressure from Turkey depends on Russia, analysts say. It is very difficult to imagine a scenario in which we could have done it. It was very clear that even under Obama, there was no possibility that we would send a considerable number of American troops to the field here. The legacy of the war in Iraq prevented everyone from doing so. That is not what we wanted.

That`s how we were able to relocate the ground fighting. We had very few American troops on the ground. We have allowed U.S. aircraft to take planes into the air and U.S. commanders on protected military bases. And these guys have a lot of ground fighting. They were the ones who were on the front line, who went to these cities, and who were mockers of air raids. There is no way without a massive American intervention that we could have done. In October 2016, a Russian federalization initiative focused on northern Syria was reported, which essentially called for the transformation of the existing institutions of the autonomous administration of northern and eastern Syria into legitimate institutions of Syria; also reported for the time being its rejection by the Syrian government.

[51] General Kobani built his army in Syria with peasants, factory workers and students. Members of an ethnic minority known as Kurds dominate the militia. I mean, at the time, it was pretty theoretical. Because Trump said he wanted to leave. And then some people in the administration had kind of belittled it and said no, it`s a bad idea. And so, you know, his message was a lot that we had a very good relationship with the United States.