Contoh Cooperation Agreement

External debt costs, such as repairs and modifications, all rates, taxes, insurance payments and other expenses related to the use of the partnership, as well as internal debts, such as store lot rentals, utilities and the salaries of all persons employed by the partnership, are all payable on behalf of the partnership. All losses incurred are paid on the capital of the company or on the profits of the company`s activity or, if both are failing, by the partners on the basis of a division in relation to their agreement. The duration of this agreement is three (3) years beginning On August 1, 2010 and ending on July 31, 2013, unless it is denounced earlier by mutual agreement between the parties or by application of the provisions of this agreement. PandaTip: A Memorandum of Understanding is a kind of cooperation agreement designed to document the understanding of certain parties (two or more) as part of their cooperation on a project or the achievement of a goal. Unlike a letter of intent, it is more likely that an agreement will impose certain obligations on the parties. “partnership interests,” all rights of a partner who, under this agreement, own or are the originator of a partner, including (but not only) its capital account, its rights to the profits of the partnership and voting rights, but without the rights that that partner may hold as a lender for the partnership under an intermediary contract between the partner and the partnership. In the event of the death of a partner, the legal representative of the deceased partner remains in the business as a partner, except that the exercise of the deceased partner`s representative`s right must not last longer than six (6) months, although these provisions provide for a longer period of time before the termination of that contract. The company`s initial rights are transferred to its heirs, executors or beneficiaries of the transfer. As a witness, the parties executed this agreement on the day and year above.

Each partner is free to withdraw from the transaction, pending the expected benefits that can be the subject of a consensual agreement, and the amounts must be withdrawn only after they have been recorded in the company books, specifying the date on which the partners concerned draw their account. , the date on which the amounts are deducted, as well as any other condition or issue agreed upon by mutual agreement.