Collective Bargaining Agreement Wfse

In the absence of a lead, management decides whether a staff member in the rate unit is responsible for performing the lead tasks at the beginning of the absence. For the purposes of this practice, “absence” means absence from work where lead status is paid or unpaid at university. E. Meal times can be waived by written appointment between the staff member and the supervisor. B. The provisions of this agreement apply to workers in bargaining units for whom the Union can be certified as an exclusive representative for the duration of this agreement. 2. If there is no vacancy within a worker`s redundancy unit, the worker has the option of evicting a non-permanent worker from the redundancy unit, including the test officer, who is employed in the current worker`s classification or a classification in which he or she held permanent status. The adoption of temporary employment does not change the permanent status or rights of the worker under the collective agreement, including the rights of dismissal. L. The Union will set up a procedure where that any worker who applies can pay a replacement allowance equal to a proportional fraction of the full contribution, which deals with collective bargaining, contract management and the continuation of issues relating to wages, hours and other conditions of employment, instead of the full contribution. WFSE represents workers at the UW`s main campus and Harborview Medical Center (Harborview).

One of the contracts through which WFSE and UW have entered into an agreement concerns the Campus Wide Bargaining Unit. A significant portion of the WFSE members who are employed by UW are in this bargaining unit. As defined in this trade union contract, the collective agreement unit includes workers in the following divisions: SPECIAL NOTE 1 – This language is amended in accordance with an agreement between WSU and the WFSE. NOTE 2 – The WSU has received a communication from the WSU ending the collection of the representation rights of employees of the tariff unit in light of the Janus/AFSCME decision. A copy of the index can be made here. Unless replaced by a specific provision of this agreement, the university`s guidelines, rules and procedures, as currently written or amended, apply to all staff. The university informs the Union of the publication of a revision of the Trade Policy and Procedures Manual (PMPO), which identifies new provisions and changes to existing business guidelines and procedures. The WFSE representative is responsible for verifying identifiable effects related to mandatory negotiating issues that are not covered by the treaty. A.

The Council consists of one (1) representative of workers from each bargaining unit, a representative of the CESD and up to an equivalent number of higher education representatives. The university and the Union will be responsible for selecting their own representatives. Contracting parties may, if necessary, appoint alternates. e. participation in collective bargaining; or A. Non-students, temporary staff and hours who have worked more than three hundred and fifty (350) hours in the previous twelve (12) months in a rate unit certified by the Public Relations Commission (PERC) as members of a bargaining unit, are subject to the following specific conditions: the objectives of Chapter 41.80 of the Washington Revised Code (RCW) to formalize agreements between the Council of Regents of Washington State University (University or “Employers”) and the Washington State Federation, AFSCME Council 28, AFL-CIO (Union) or “WFSE”) and their definition in this collective agreement (the “agreement”) B.